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Our Commitment to You

West Alabama Women’s Center believes that each child has a right to be wanted and loved…by parents who are ready to share their lives and affections.

We believe that the birthright of every child has a loving home, a decent life, and a future that is not devoid of hope.

We believe that bringing children into the world whom, from the day they are born, are unwanted and unloved is profoundly immoral.

We are strongly committed to reducing the need for abortion in every possible way.

One of our goals is to make fertility regulation services available to all in need, regardless of age or ability to pay.

We are assuming an increasingly active role in promoting the rapid development of better methods of contraception.

We believe that preventing unwanted pregnancies among teenagers is of the highest importance and that educational services and counseling, including support for the option of “saying no”, must be a part of our services.

We consider the availability of abortion an essential means of assuring that children will be planned, loved, and cared for. Therefore, one of our goals is to preserve and assure access to safe, legal abortion services and counseling for all women.

We believe that the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis B, is a purpose of utmost urgency; we must provide education and services to the widest possible audiences.

We consider population stabilization, on the local, national, and international levels, to be of the highest priority. We will do our part to join in the effort to solve this threat to our planet.

We believe that all women are entitled to respect and compassion regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, faith, national origin, or physical or mental abilities.

We believe that to limit a person’s access to information is to limit her access to choices, poor information leads to poor choices. The more a woman knows about her body and her options, the better able she will be to make decisions.

We believe that each woman’s body is different, and so is each woman’s life. No one decision is best for every woman, and when a woman is aware of all her options, she can make the choice that is best for her alone.

We believe pro-choice is not synonymous with pro-abortion. Every woman in our clinic is respected regardless of her choice, not because of it. Whether that choice is to raise her child herself, give up her child for adoption, have an abortion, or delay pregnancy until she is ready to raise a child.