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Medical Abortion Requirements and Precautions

To understand the protocol and be able to make the arrangements necessary for a safe medical abortion at home. You must:

Speak English.

Have a support person to be with you or on call during the time you will abort.

Have a driver and available car.

Have someone to watch small children during the time of the abortion.

Have a phone.

Be able to return for a 2nd or 3rd visit to West Alabama Women’s Center.

Be within 1 hour of West Alabama Women’s Center or a local hospital.

To be able to have a mifepristone (RU 486) abortion at West Alabama Women’s Center you must:

Not be more than 70 days pregnant (10 weeks).

Be age 18 or over.

Be willing to return to West Alabama Women’s Center for the follow up visit.

Be sure of the abortion decision.

Willing to have a surgical abortion if medical abortion fails.

Have an adequate Hematocrit (over 30%) or an adequate Hemoglobin (over 10g/dL) per West Alabama Women’s Center lab. A physician will determine eligibility if lab values are below as stated.

Be willing to wait for the miscarriage to occur.

You should NOT have a medical abortion if:

You have have an active alcohol/drug addiction.

You have sickle cell or severe anemia.

You have a blood clotting disorder or taking anticoagulant (blood thinning) products.

You are breastfeeding.

You have folate deficiency.

You have known intolerance or allergy to either mifeprex, misoprostol or similar drugs.

You cannot commit to returning to clinic for all recommended follow up visits.

You are unwilling to have a surgical abortion even if you are advised to by the provider.

You have no telephone.

You have no transportation.

You live more than one hour away from emergency medical care.

You have Hepatitis or other liver disease (Inactive Hepatitis A is okay).

You have kidney, respiratory, or bowel disease.

You have heart disease that is AHA 3 or worse.

You have an uncontrolled seizure disorder.

You have renal insufficiency.

You have a tubal pregnancy.

You have an intrauterine device (IUD) in place, it must be removed before taking Mifeprex.

You have chronic use of corticosteroids.

You have been treated with certain steroid medications for a long period of time.

You have high blood pressure.

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