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Abortion Services in Alabama

A Professional and Friendly Approach to Women's Health

West Alabama Women’s Center is a pro-choice full service women’s medical facility. Our mission is to provide outstanding reproductive health care to all women in our clinic by combining the highest standards of professionalism with an environment of respect and compassion.

We offer a non judgmental “physician’s office” atmosphere, competent medical care and confidentiality in every respect.

Specializing in abortion services, birth control, pregnancy testing, counseling, testing for sexually transmitting diseases, and referrals for adoption and prenatal care. We encourage women to participate in these personal decisions surrounding their individual lifestyles.

Hopefully, you will never find yourself faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Statistically, however, you or someone close to you may or will consider abortion as an option. In order to make a responsible decision, you have to find out the true facts. This website may not answer all of your questions, but we hope and encourage you to call our toll free telephone number at 800-616-2383 and our receptionist will be glad to assist you in answers to your questions.

The pro-choice viewpoint is simple. It is not pro-abortion. Abortion is not the correct answer for everyone. We do insist, however, that the decision to become a mother is each woman’s, for only she can make the best and most responsible decision for herself.

Someday, someone you love may need a choice.

For more information please read our Declaration of Principles and Purposes or Contact us.