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Abortion Frequently Asked Questions

Comparison of the 2 Types of First Trimester Abortions:

How far along in the pregnancy can I be?
How long does it take?
How painful is it?
How much will i bleed?
Can the abortion fail?
Is it safe and can I still have children afterwards?
What criteria must be met to choose this method?

Frequently Asked Questions on Medical Abortions

What is a medical abortion?
What are the medications and How do they work?
Is this method safe?
Will this effect my future ability to have children?
What will the embryo (baby) look like?
How will I know when the abortion is complete?
What do I expect on my first visit?
How effective is this method?
What are the side effects of the medications?
Will this method be painful?
How much will I bleed?
May I choose to have a surgical abortion after starting the medical abortion?
What restrictions will I have during the medical abortion?
What if the medication does not work?
What if I continued the pregnancy after taking the medication?
When will I receive contraceptive to prevent future pregnancies?

Frequently Asked Questions on the Judicial Process:

Does everyone under 18 have to get a parent or guardian's consent?
Where is the court I must go to if I cannot get the consent of a parent of guardian?
What is a "petition for waiver of parental consent for abortion"?
When will I see a Judge?
Should someone go with me to court?
How much will it cost me to go to court?
How long will the procedure take?
What should I wear to court?
Do I have to bring proof of pregnancy to court?
What if the judge doesn't give his or her consent?

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